About Masini Global

About Masini Global Group

Masini Global Group was founded by its Principals after years of legal,  international and governmental service, with the vision of providing a comprehensive and integrated service in federal and state judicial matters, as well as international corporate judicial security that combines decades of national and global legal and corporate experience.

Masini Global Group is a "Boutique" firm with experts and affiliations in the various specialized subject matters of the services it provides. We combine and bring all of our members unique professional and personal experiences to integrate  solutions for our clients.

Corporate and personal consulting and representation:

• Litigation: Civil, Criminal and Administrative
• Regulatory
• Contractual
• Negotiations
• Corporate Strategy and Due Diligence
• International Matters
• Public Relations Strategy
• Political Strategic
• Political Campaign
• Anti-Money Laundering (AML)
• Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)

• Intelligence Service of the U.S.A.
• Armed Forces of the U.S.A.
• U.S. Department of Justice and U.S.Attorney’s Office.
• Posting at U.S. Embassies around the World
• Political and Judicial Advisors to political candidates and elected officials.
• Advisors to governments of various countries.
• Judicial and corporate advisors for multinational companies.
• Assisted several countries in restructuring government agencies and drafting and implementing new legislation.

Our team Members and affiliations have worked either in government or the private sector in countries, such as:

• United States of America
• Canada
• Mexico
• Honduras
• Panama
• Colombia
• Thailand
• Hong Kong
• Korea
• UAE (Dubai)
• Turkey
• Greece
• Spain

Our Latin American expertise stems from representing the United States of America at the highest levels of international diplomatic relations, as well as operational matters with various Latin American governments.

• Our Principals have extensive experience in Latin America, working and negotiating a wide range of issues with private sector multinational corporations, individuals, and governments.

• We have worked on and negotiated bi-lateral initiatives between the United States of America and several Latin American governments.

• We have worked in the field, so we can advise multinational corporations and individuals on a variety of fronts to protect their judicial and business expansion and exposure in the region.

• The nations where we have endeavored are Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and the Dominican Republic.

Latin America's diverse business, government, banking, corporate laws, regulations, and cultures make it difficult to successfully address some issues that arise during corporate contracting and negotiations.

Through our principals and affiliates, MGG offers a global perspective to assist our clients in navigating the judicial, administrative, regulatory, contractual, and international complexities of their business in order to prevent potential negative outcomes from legal, criminal, and reputational exposure.

Due Diligence, Compliance, AML and FCPA issues are critical, and the recent increase in civil and criminal cases, as well as governmental fines, demonstrates the importance of having a total and integrated strategy for the operation and development of the corporate business.

At MGG, we work closely with our clients to develop and maximize an integrated strategy to address their judicial, business, political, reputational, and international issues, thereby minimizing their risks and exposures and setting clear and realistic goals within adequate time frames for implementation and achievement.